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Architectural Control Committee:
The ACC exists to maintain, protect and enhance the value of the Homeowners property and it strives for a balance between individual rights and the good of the entire community.

RV Lot Committee:
The RV Lot Committee is responsible for the care and running of the RV Lot. The volunteers have put in countless hours into the layout, lot marking and general smooth running of this invaluable asset.

Occupant Rental Compliance Committee:
The ORCC has established uniform guidelines for all rental and occupied properties in the Villages of Oscoda. It is the intent of the ORCC to work with landlords, rental property managers and tenants/occupants to create a more desireable community to live in for all residents.

Garden Club Committee:
The Garden Club consists of a group of volunteer homeowners who work together for the beautifaction of The Villages and preservation of our plants and flowers. The group has added sitting areas for our homeowners in the commons areas and Three Pipes Park to enjoy. They also maintain our signs and berms.


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